Exploration #18


Document part of a building that most people ignore. Pay attention to the hidden places.

Under Desk

flat, dark brown

made of rectangles

has diagonal pieces, (triangles?) against it and on the inner side of the desk.

has dark brown and white spots or scratches

I can fit under there

I am hunched over

there is a small crack of light between the desk and the wall when the lights are on

when the lights are off none of this exists??

a piece of tape on the shorter side

a light brown streak and metal bolts in the bottom

two black streaks on the short side (another piece of wood?)

my suitcase + top half of art kit and a butterfinger wrapper are under here

The chair is not here because I need it to reach the mirror.

The floor feels the same as the floor everywhere else.

The side of the desk i am looking at is light brown and the grain of wood is showing. The bottom of it is rougher and darker brown also.










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