Walking the Line



  • birds (is it a crow)
  • twigs snapping
  • my boots sliding in leaves
  • my hand grabbing branches
  • crickets
  • truck in distance
  • a man’s scream
  • footsteps
  • keys unlocking
  • knock on a door
  • humming generator sound
  • my sniffling
  • girls talking
  • cars
  • planes
  • car tires over gravel
  • LOUD generator
  • man’s heavy breathing while running
  • soccer ball being kicked


  • cigarette butts
  • trees
  • tennis court
  • rocks
  • people walking inside
  • men looking at me photograph flowers (with jealousy)
  • bricks
  • grass
  • leaves are changing color
  • the sun through clouds
  • dark clouds
  • Sarah in her Green Car (hello Sarah)
  • music
  • people playing soccer


  • water
  • my gum (mint)
  • inside of my mouth (jazmyn)


  • the inside of my pockets (smooth)
  • rocks (rough? sandy)
  • trees (wrinkly and tough)
  • my skin (wrinkly and tough)
  • my hair (soft)
  • flower stems (prickly, smooth, wet)
  • my backpack straps (swish, puffy)
  • forest floor (twigs, leaves, wet dirt)


  • flowers
  • cigarette
  • dead skunk

Exploration #11

I am comparing flowers and plant-related objects.


I organized them by type of material.

Then by type of plant. (flowers, leaves, twigs)


Then by color. (purple, yellow, brown, green)


  • green leaves with points are shiny
  • the pine cone is wet
  • the flowers are shriveled
  • there are seeds inside the purple flowers
  • the yellow flowers have white inside of them
  • he white flowers have longer stems than the rest
  • the pine cone is harder to break than the twigs
  • the flower stems are easier to break than the twigs
  • the pine cone and pine needles are similar in size
  • the pine cone and pine needles are similar in form
  • there are more red-purple flowers than blue-purple flowers
  • flowers are scary
  • there is one yellow-green leaf, the rest are green
  • some leaves dry faster than others
  • is a pine cone more similar to a leaf, or a twig?
  • pine cone has the same texture as a twig
  • some flowers have softer petals then others. (why?)


I have Synesthesia, more specifically: sound-color synesthesia and grapheme-color synesthesia. This means that when I hear certain sounds, I get a color in my mind. Names, days of the week, numbers, and letters all have colors and sometimes personality traits associated with them when I think of them. When  listen to music, the song comes with different colors and shapes based on the sounds. For example, the number seven is yellow and “bad”. A gymnasium full of bouncing basketballs is white.

While walking the line I was really focused on my sensory intake, and especially focused on my synesthesia.

Here are some of the things I recorded

  • birds make prange, sharp sounds
  • the twigs in the forest make light blue sounds
  • the generator sounds green
  • green voice
  • dark blue voice
  • the truck without a muffler has a black and red sound
  • the yelling is blue
  • the music is brown/tan/orange

Exploration #46: Found Patterns!

IMG_0537 IMG_0555 IMG_0573 IMG_0599

IMG_0567 IMG_0572



Found Trash!

Looking around campus I saw a lot of garbage. Garbage being an integral part of my personality, I felt an urge to photograph it. You can tell a lot about the local people by what they throw away.

IMG_0517 IMG_0524 IMG_0536  IMG_0548 IMG_0563IMG_0564 IMG_0543

I cant tell what the last piece is, but it really spoke to me.

That brings me to the next exploration!

Exploration #32: “World of Magic” Prompt: Collect objects for their potential magic quality.


Hurtling toward Earth at break-neck speed, the controls long past melting are mere puddles sitting in the lap of the pilot. She stands 2” tall, green skin and ten small blue eyes. She presses her communication button on the side of her helmet, but to no avail. The flames that surround her grow from blue to red, her controls melt under her grip. She clenches her six fingers in despair. She prepares herself for impact with the surface of this planet, and whatever kinds of otherworldly monstrosities its foreign terrain may hold.

Amongst smoke and debris,she climbs from the twisted shell of her ship. Frantically pressing her communication controls on her helmet, choking out words in a language that earth-dwellers ears cannot comprehend. What is left of the GN-778 is a blue plate and crumpled cabin.

She sigh ans pulls herself off of the ground, looking around the dark sky she can make out stars, not such an uncommon sight, but only one moon? Something she had only read about!

With no belongings and no way home, she lifts her body from the gravel, her eyes and antennae glowing a pale red. She sets off on a course through a strange land.

Planted flowers vs. Wild flowers


The wildflowers had different types growing next to each other, and were taller, while the planted flowers were shorter and more organized. There were only purple and white planted flowers, while the wild flowers had a cornucopia of colors.

It isn’t a Foundations project without selfies!!


IMG_0509  IMG_0520IMG_0556IMG_0513IMG_0523    IMG_0508IMG_0532 IMG_0541  IMG_0528IMG_0544 IMG_0538IMG_0527IMG_0569 IMG_0557IMG_0547   IMG_0546 IMG_0580 IMG_0593 IMG_0596

This activity was a very fun way to explore more of the area surrounding the campus. I probably would have never seen these places if I wasn’t directed on this path.

One of my greatest joys is finding art in small and unexpected places. This gave me an opportunity to do exactly that.


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