Drawing Machines Write Up

When I was thinking of what to make for my drawing machine, what first came to mind was “action”. I wanted to use power that was started by me, but beyond my control. When I was planning what to make, the thought of “Planned Accidents” was stuck on my mind. I looked up simple machines and Rube Goldberg set-ups, but what really interested me was the Newton’s Cradle. I thought of using plastic bags filled with dripping paint as the weighted balls that click together, but I realized they would deflate after the first couple of swings. I looked around for a kind of ball that would clink together, and wasn’t that expensive. Golf balls fit perfectly, and I liked that I could dip them in different colors to change where the colors landed. I drilled holes approximately in the same spots in every ball, strung them individually with twine, and then hung them from the two silk-screen frames I taped together, each string in a groove carved into the wood. I made their positions adjustable so I could get different sized and placement of paint on the paper. By the end of the performance, the colors blended together into dark purple. I think it’s fitting that they mixed together, it showed that when one’s actions touch another person, there is nothing you can do to stop a part of you from rubbing off onto them. Not changing where you stand or how hard they hit you: the result is unavoidable.


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