The Proposal: Force

Proposal #1: (likely)

Force is a strength or energy as an attribute of physical action or movement.

In my observation of the line, I tested my force on objects at different speeds and heights, but with IMG_0831no real specific fore-thought.

For this proposal I am going to record the results of “kind” or non-tense and non-destructive behavior on the line.

Actions include, but are not limited to:

skipping merrily, befriending animals,

hugging trees, and serenading plants.

vs. “destructive behavior on the line. Actions

include, but are not limited to: throwing rocks,

punching the ground, and yelling at birds


I will record the information in video/photo format.

Proposal #2: (extreme)


I will record the effects of re-animated corpses bursting through the ground on the line. I can record the size of the escape holes, the effect on nature, the ammount of time/ damage done differing between old and new bodies. I can make a chart of civilians reactions depending on the age of corpse and time of day. I will record the results in photos (possibly time-lapsed) and in charts.

Proposal #3: (realistic)

I will record the force that I exert onto the line by different mods of transportation I use to go along it. I will incorporate walking, jumping, running, and by bicycle. I will record my results in a chart and by stop-watch, and possibly take videos recording my speed, distance traveled, length of the trail, with differences in my experience and the different things I encounter as variables.

I took videos of myself running and walking the line, but did not record my findings in an organised manner.



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