This project included a group of people, reading a text at the same time. As they said the text aloud, the meaning seems to change. I found this telegram by someone on Tumblr, they said it was the best thrift store purchase they ever made.

The message, which seems to be one of vengeance, of warning, establishing a stance of power and one demanding the proper respect.

As it is read by a group of young men in a university cafeteria, the meaning turns sarcastic, that with the flat tone coming from their mouths, these people could not possibly mean what they are saying. A message demanding respect and reverence gets none of it.

This says something about peer circles and environment. Originally, the telegram was meant to be read alone, by one person. When the setting is changed to a group of men in a cafeteria during dinner, each other’s reactions and the fact that they are being recorded changes their thought process while reading aloud and how others will react to them.


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