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#ychooseme: Day 1


For the first day of our Pop-Up Public Service, we started the project by covering our bodies completely in black clothing and our faces with paper bags, decorated to fit our individual personalities. As people walked by the stand, we invited them to take selfies with one of us, and post them to Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #ychooseme.

The results were not ideal, but I can’t say that they weren’t expected. People were very reluctant to take a photo of themselves with these faceless silent forms.


Resource Map (the mother ship)


Our group, of SarahCorranNoahAmber, and I, felt that our starting point in Alfred, Harder Hall, felt like the “mother-ship” of the artistic pursuits that to some might look like it came from another planet.

the resources in the map are the different studios inside Harder: glass, sound, woodshop, foundations, photo, painting, and ceramic.




(my elbow, far right)

Measurement Project

IMG_1977  IMG_1989

For this project, Amber and I measured parts of the campus using unconventional tools, mainly everyday objects we carry on us.


The result got me thinking, how size is incorporated into our lives, from shoe size to our buildings. The size of organic forms like you and me, to grand man-made constructs like buildings on campus.

The Gift

IMG_2028The love letter to Moka Joka, a communal gathering spot for dead-beat dead beats, one of my favorite laces in Alfred.

I chose to deliver the project.



Coffe Lou and ghost pals take a dip


“Sriracha Nymphs float on bagels in the Coffee Sea.”

and a heartfelt thanks (!) for those 8 a.m. pick-me-ups!


Common faces


An urban legend, proven true by two young boys. Wait until the kids back home get a load of this…